Francis Lawrence to direct two-part Hunger Games: Mockingjay films

After making a huge splash at the box-office earlier this year, The Hunger Games is the start of a fresh, new franchise which will continue with three further films.

Though the first film’s director Gary Ross declined to make the sequels, Lionsgate have moved quick to replace him with I Am Legend filmmaker Francis Lawrence taking over the role. Yesterday, some further news was revealed by Collider that not only would he direct the next instalment Catching Fire but he will also helm the final story Mockingjay which is being split into two films.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 will hit cinema screens on November 21th, 2014 while Part 2 will follow on November 20th 2015.

The film, which is based on the third book in Suzanne Collins’s best-selling series, will see central character Everdeen Katniss become the Mockingjay who rebels against the Capitol.

In the meantime, Catching Fire is currently in production with leading star Jennifer Lawrence reprising her role as Everdeen while Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson are also returning. The additional cast members to the sequel include Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote, The Master), Jena Malone (Pride and Prejudice, Into the Wild) and Sam Claflin (Pirates of the Caribeean: On Stranger Tides).

That film is set for release on November 22nd 2013.

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