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Hello and welcome to my website, Craig’s Cinematique!

Back in 2010, I achieved a BA Honours degree in Film and Media Studies at Liverpool Hope University. During my time there, it was my ambition to find a job based in the industry though finding work of that calibre has been tough. Nevertheless, the dream lives on!

Film has become an absolute passion of mine over the years and following the end of my uni days, I decided to create a blog via Blogspot. After setting the page up, the Cinematique was born….

That site was used for eighteen months and while I admit my writing wasn’t quite up to scratch back then, it was time to move the page up to the next level. In April 2012, I transferred the Cinematique over to WordPress which has been its home ever since!

The site features reviews of new releases as well as stories as well as the latest news from the film industry and various lists and polls. There is also an Awards Season page that covers the likes of the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and of course, the Oscars.

Recently, television has taken up a lot of my time and there is a section dedicated to some of the most significant stories on the small screen.

I have also contributed my work to the following film websites which contain some reviews and articles:

www.filmshaft.com (expired link)


www.downwithfilm.com/ (expired link)


I hope you all take time out to read this website and any feedback you want to give me would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to post comments on the site or via one of the two following email addresses:



My Twitter account is @cragakellogs and I also have a Letterboxd account

Thank you for your time and I hope you all carry on to enjoy and support film (and television) as much as I do.

Best regards,


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  1. Andrew Williams | April 28, 2012 at 7:47 am | Reply

    Hi Craig, good luck with the Site, it looks very impressive.

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