Chris Pine discusses more about Star Trek 2

For the last 45 years, the Star Trek franchise has continued to go where no man has gone before with its success enhanced by the popularity of the prequel film in 2009. With a sequel currently being made, lead actor Chris Pine has offered some hints about what to expect from the new film.

Speaking to Collider, Pine (who plays the young Captain Kirk) said the film will be more character-driven than its predecessor was.

“What JJ Abrams brings to this kind of film is a small, character-driven story, matched with robots or aliens or spaceships. That’s a very hard thing to do, and a lot of people don’t pay attention to that. It’s really interesting that, in The Avengers, the character that people relate to is The Hulk, and I think the reason is that he’s fragile and human and faulty. With the second one, people will find that it’s the mythic structure, done really well. The character journeys are just perfect mythic structures. They do it so well.”

With the film currently in production delay, this gives the team the chance to make sure the film is kept secret especially after Simon Pegg criticised those wanting to spoil things for everyone regarding Khan’s possible appearance in the sequel.

Pine and Pegg are back for Star Trek 2 along with Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and Zoe Saldaña while Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve are new additions to the cast.

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