Winter is here….The Cinematique’s Top 25 favourite Game of Thrones moments

It’s that time of year again folks….

After a long twelve month wait, HBO’s epic award-winning series Game of Thrones is returning to our screens on Monday morning (2am start) with a shorter but more action-packed seventh season.

This also means the return of my top moments list which has gone from being five in 2013 to a bulky twenty-five this year!

With that in mind, it’s time to hold the door, say “shame” multiple times and shout “King of the North” as the countdown finally begins….


25# – King Tommen commits suicide

EPISODE: The Winds of Winter (Series 6, Episode 10)

The list kicks off with the first of many incredible moments from the spectacular Series 6 finale ‘The Winds of Winter’ which saw King Tommen Baratheon (Dean-Charles Chapman) left floored by the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor. Having been manipulated for the past couple of series by his mother Cersei and the High Sparrow, the naive young ruler finally made the shocking decision to take his own life. The removal of his crown all but confirmed his intention before he stood on the window ledge and fell to his death. A cruel end for someone who wanted to become a better leader yet tragically chose to take the meaning of ‘King’s Landing’ quite literally!


24# – Jon and Sansa reunite

EPISODE: Book of the Stranger (Series 6, Episode 4)

Since the beginning of Series 1, there had been a number of occasions where the Stark family had just about missed each other e.g. Arya at the Twins during the Red Wedding, Jon and Bran at Craster’s Keep, etc. But long-suffering fans finally got the chance to celebrate a Stark reunion when a weary Sansa (Sophie Turner) arrived at Castle Black much to the surprise of her recently-revived half-brother Jon Snow (Kit Harington). The pair’s heartwarming hug left many viewers a little teary-eyed especially after everything they had gone through over the past five series. The reconciliation would also begin their journey towards reclaiming their home of Winterfell from the sadistic Ramsay Bolton!


23# – Wildfire destroys Stannis’s fleet

EPISODE: Blackwater (Series 2, Episode 9)

Next, we have this bombastic choice from the penultimate episode of Series 2 which saw Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) stake his claim for the Iron Throne by bringing an army of ships to attack King’s Landing. With the horrid King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) failing to show leadership to his soldiers, it was left up to his uncle Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) to try and rally the troops. The moment that ultimately put King’s Landing in control came when the dwarf leader gained help from Hallyne the Pyromancer (Roy Dotrice) in placing wildfire onto a small ship heading towards the army. One flaming arrow from Bronn (Jerome Flynn) would cause the ship to blow up leading to many of Stannis’ boats being destroyed in the process. One of several epic scenes that had to be seen on the big screen!


22# – “For the Watch”

EPISODE: Mother’s Mercy (Series 5, Episode 10)

Towards the end of Series 5, many of us knew how risky it was of Lord Commander Jon Snow to try and help the Wildlings even after their previous battles with the Night’s Watch. But nothing would prepare him (and us) for the inevitable backlash he would receive from his nemesis Alliser Thorne (Owen Teale) and various members of Castle Black. When Jon got word that his long lost Uncle Benjen was possibly alive, he rushed out to the courtyard to find the word “traitor” carved onto a wooden sign. The moment he turned around saw him stabbed in the gut by Thorne who then uttered the sinister words “For the Watch”. Other men would contribute to Jon’s downfall before it was left to conflicted youngster Olly (Brenock O’Connor) to finish his leader off. Thankfully Jon would only stay dead for a couple of episodes before his eventual resurrection though his oath to the Night’s Watch officially ended as a result of this devastating moment.


21# – Bran is pushed from the tower

EPISODE: Winter is Coming (Series 1, Episode 1)

My next choice focuses on the shocking last scene of the first ever episode as adventurous youngster Bran Stark (Isaac Hepstead-Wright) decided to go climbing up the tower at Winterfell. What he saw would change his life forever as he made the ill-timed mistake of spotting Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) having sex with her brother Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). The consequences almost proved fatal for the unfortunate lad as Jamie commited a horrible act by pushing him out of the window to prevent him from telling other people about the affair. However this only ended up sparking the terrible chain of events that would soon follow. The shot of Bran falling to the ground is undeniably awful as the screen fades to black but luckily it didn’t kill him. This particular moment made Jamie a hated figure in the Game of Thrones story though the Kingslayer would find himself on the receiving end of some good ole justice in a later clip from the list….


20# – Shireen Baratheon’s sacrifice

EPISODE: The Dance of Dragons (Series 5, Episode 9)

A lot of people had been rooting for Stannis Baratheon to stake his claim for the Iron Throne since Series 2 and it was all looking good for him for a majority of Series 5. However his reputation with fans was left severely damaged after he made the terrible decision to have his sweet and innocent daughter Shireen (Kerry Ingram) burnt alive in a desperate bid to keep his campaign going.  This all came even after he had delivered a caring speech to her about how important she was to him a few episodes previously. Damn you Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) for putting all that “Lord of Light” rubbish into his head! A lot of credit had to go to Dillane and Ingram for their powerful performances in this scene which ultimately proved to be a tragic waste given the fate of Stannis and his army in the Series 5 finale. Nevertheless, it was a traumatising moment that demonstrated the terrible world of Westeros and how anyone of any age could be killed as a result!


19# – Littlefinger sends Lysa Arryn flying

EPISODE: Mockingbird (Series 4, Episode 7)

Next up, we have the intense final scene from ‘Mockingbird’ as the unfortunate Sansa Stark found herself being confronted by her crazy aunt Lysa (Kate Dickie) after she wrongfully accused her niece of being in love with new husband Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish (Aiden Gillan). Lysa’s psychotic side finally came out in full flow when she angrily grabbed Sansa and threatened to throw her through the dreaded ‘moon door’. The cunning Littlefinger ended up coming to Sansa’s rescue by calming his new wife down and reassuring her that there was only one woman he could love. Her look of relief would turn to sheer horror when he said “Your sister” with the scene concluding with him sending her flying through the moon door. A little cruel perhaps, but given that her previous actions led to the Stark and Lannister war, it was a priceless moment to savour for us fans.


18# – Jon is declared “King in the North”

EPISODE: The Winds of Winter (Series 6, Episode 10)

Following on from the emotional “Promise me, Ned” scene beforehand, my next choice comes in the crucial sequence where Jon Snow received strong backing from Northern houses in the aftermath of his memorable victory over Ramsay Bolton at the battle of Winterfell. With some lords reluctant to help fight against the White Walkers for differing reasons, it was left up to young ruler Lyanna Mormont (a wonderful Bella Ramsey) to lambast those who failed to help the Starks beforehand. She would then proclaim Jon as the King in the North which eventually led to the other houses supporting him. Their chants were enough to give us goosebumps as the White Wolf cemented his status as the man to lead them into the long night. All together now….”The King in the North! The King in the North!”


17# – Daenerys takes command of the Unsullied

EPISODE: And Now His Watch is Ended (Series 3, Episode 4)

The beautiful yet commanding Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) has plenty of strong moments on this list with this cracker from Series 3’s And Now His Watch is Ended episode being one of them! Having been insulted for a couple of episodes by the slimy trader Kraznys (Dan Hildebrand) through his Valyrian tongue, Dany revealed her secret awareness of the language when handing him one of her dragons in exchange for the Unsullied army. Chaos ensured as the Khaleesi took control of her new army before reigning terror on Kraznys and the masters by releasing her dragons and watching on as they burned the city of Astapor. The resulting scene of the Mother of Dragons marching out with her intimidating new army showed just how far the young queen had come since her first appearance! Plus who isn’t turned on by how beautiful Emilia is!


16# – Jon Snow awakens

EPISODE: Home (Series 6, Episode 2)

Another Jon Snow selection comes from the dramatic last scene of Series 6’s ‘Home’ as the dead Lord Commander was successfully (if predictably) resurrected by Melisandre. Many audiences knew that there was always a chance that Jon would come back to life even when hope looked lost after the Red Priestess seemed to have failed with her objective. But that shot of Jon’s direwolf Ghost looking up at his fallen owner was the first sign of the tide turning and we would all find ourselves cheering with joy the moment that he let out that loud gasp. This crucial event would ultimately become the making of Jon during the remainder of this exhilarating series as he would eventually help take back his ancestrial home of Winterfell. Actor Kit Harington even parodied the moment during last year’s Golden Globes monologue which will bring about a few laughs!


15# – Cersei’s Walk of Shame

EPISODE: Mother’s Mercy (Series 5, Episode 10)

Since the first ever episode, Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) had been a diverse figure amongst many Thrones fans. Some admired her steely personality but most of us despised her being a venomous and manipulative woman who had committed so many deceitful acts. Thankfully she was to receive her biggest comeuppance yet in the Series 5 finale as her sinful past finally caught up with her. After being forced to confess to the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce) about her previous shenanigans, she was given the chance to atone for her sins by having her hair cut and being forced to walk through the streets of King’s Landing naked (actually performed by body double Rebecca Van Cleave). The High Septa’s bell-ringing and shouts of “Shame” echoed throughout this entire sequence as Cersei was constantly abused and targeted by the angry crowds. Her traumatised expression upon finally getting back to the Red Keep summed up the whole experience but the Queen Regent would eventually have her revenge in explosive fashion the following series….


14# – Drogon rescues Daenerys

EPISODE: The Dance of Dragons (Series 5, Episode 9)

Another hell-yeah moment for Daenerys Targaryen comes from the penultimate episode of Series 5 as she and her council including Tyrion, Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman) and Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) found themselves stuck in a dangerous predicament. When the notorious Sons of the Harpy sprung a surprise attack during the Great Games at Daznak’s Pit, the odds looked bleak for the Khaleesi when she and the others were surrounded. However crucial help would come in the form of her beloved dragon Drogon who gatecrashed the attack and landed in the arena. Her relieved face upon seeing him was a wonderful piece of acting from Emilia Clarke as Drogon proceeded to attack the Harpy men. When he was struck by some spears, Dany climbed onto his back and the pair did their best “How to Train Your Dragon” impression as they flew out of the arena to safety. This crowd-pleasing scene demonstrated how much we wanted the Mother of Dragons to succeed in sitting on the Iron Throne.


13# – Hodor “holds the door”

EPISODE: The Door (Series 6, Episode 5)

The tissues came out for the devastating ending of Series 6’s fifth episode The Door as fans finally discovered the true meaning behind Hodor’s (Kristian Nairn) name. Having been utilised as a comedic supporting character throughout the series, the gentle giant’s backstory was revealed in tragic circumstances as he bravely “held the door” to protect his companions Bran Stark and Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick) from the vicious onslaught of White Walkers. The uncomfortable sight of a young Hodor suffering a seizure and shouting the same three words (“Hold the Door”) over and over again left many of us traumatised albeit fascinated by the twist regarding his name. Damn you Bran for messing around with those visions! Nairn recently poked fun at the iconic scene in a recent KFC advert which will make you cringe if a little hungry!


12# – Jon faces off against the calvary

EPISODE: Battle of the Bastards (Series 6, Episode 9)

One of the standout sequences from the incredible “Battle of the Bastards” episodes came in the aftermath of Rickon Stark’s harsh death as an angry Jon Snow made the bold decision to tackle Ramsay Bolton’s calvary head on. The majestic shot of Jon pulling out his sword and preparing for the onslaught of horsemen was sensational to watch as we felt tense about whether the former Lord Commander would survive again! Fortunately his own men came crashing to the rescue which led to a ferocious fight that was captured spectacularly as we got an amazing tracking shot of Jon caught up in the middle of the violence that was going on around him. It’s riveting stuff for a television episode that is worthy of the big screen and thankfully it enabled us to celebrate a rare victory for the good guys on a show that has always been ruthless.


11# – Jamie loses his right hand

EPISODE: Walk of Punishment (Series 3, Episode 3)

After making the callous decision to push Bran Stark out of the tower window in the first ever episode, Jaime Lannister (Coster-Waldau) had to suffer some consequence for his actions. That was to come early in Series 3 as his love/hate relationship with female knight Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) culminated in him making the honourable decision to save her from being raped by a group of Bolton men by telling notorious gang leader Locke (Noah Taylor) about her supposed heritage. Unfortunately his moment of humanity would result in another classic ending scene as Locke decided to show Jamie whose boss by cutting off his right hand, much to the Kingslayer’s horror. Though most of us cheered at this payback, we would soon find ourselves surprisingly sympathising with the character from then on. You’ve got to hand it (excuse the pun!) to Coster-Waldau for making us feel for Jamie with his understated performance during that storyline and it’s remarkable to think that he has now become one of the more likeable characters on the show.


10# – Daenerys burns down the Dosh Kaleen temple

EPISODE: Book of the Stranger (Series 6, Episode 4)

Heading into the Top 10, Ramin Djawadi’s wonderful music for Game of Thrones came into play again for this recent selection as Daenerys Targaryen enjoyed another hell-yeah moment that would help her regain the Dothraki support. With the Khals threatening to violate her inside the temple of the Dosh Khaleen at Vaes Dothrack, the Mother of Dragons decided to use her immunity towards fire to her advantage in order once again in order to overcome the dastardly group. However the most epic part was saved for the stunned Dothraki people as the Khaleesi emerged from the flames in all her naked glory whilst earning their newfound loyalty. Kudos to Emilia Clarke for making the brave decision to go nude again although it’s Djawadi’s haunting “Khaleesi” score that makes the sequence even better. Now go get that Iron Throne Dany!


9# – Ramsay Bolton’s death

EPISODE: Battle of the Bastards (Series 6, Episode 9)

A more satisfying climax to an episode came in the celebrated ending of Series 6’s epic “Battle of the Bastards” as the sadistic Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) finally got his just deserts at the hands of his vengeful wife Sansa. Despite the viciousness of King Joffrey in earlier series, Ramsey had managed to overtake him in the evil stakes with a number of cruel acts from Series 3 onwards. But having already suffered a lot of blows to the face by Jon Snow earlier on, the former Warden of the North couldn’t resist taunting Sansa one last time whilst being held captive. However his comeuppance would come in delightfully brutal fashion as his hungry hounds would proceed to eat him and bring an end to his despicable life. The scene was then perfectly capped off by Sansa showing a celebratory smirk that would have been shared by millions of viewers!


8# – King Joffrey is poisoned to death

EPISODE: The Lion and the Rose (Series 4, Episode 2)

From one TV villain death to another, we have the demise of the cruel King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) at the ‘Purple Wedding’. After marrying the beautiful Margery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), Joffrey proceeded to further humiliate his former fiancee Sansa Stark and uncle Tyrion by making them watch a group of dwarves reenact the battle of the Iron Throne. The final few minutes would produce plenty of suspense as we begged for someone to silence the little shit. Thankfully his reign of terror would come to a gruesome end courtesy of some poisoned wine given to him by Tyrion. The violent choking and vomiting would normally be off-putting to some viewers but a long, painful death is exactly what the young king deserved even if it did lead to Tyrion being wrongfully accused of killing him. After what happened at the infamous ‘Red Wedding’, fans knew that any future ceremonies on the show would lead to death but this time around, it was a moment to savour for Joffrey haters who finally got the justice they wanted! However it also meant losing the services of a talented young actor in Jack Gleeson who had made the character so despicable!


7# – Tyrion’s trial outburst

EPISODE: The Laws of Gods and Men (Series 4, Episode 6)

When it comes to great acting moments, perhaps the best performance on the whole show has come from the unfortunate Imp himself, Tyrion Lannister. In Series 2, he won over many supporters from the people of King’s Landing for his heroic leadership during the Battle of Blackwater but that would all be forgotten in Series 4. When the dwarf lord was wrongfully accused of poisoning his horrid nephew King Joffrey, he stood trial before his enemies including father Tywin (Charles Dance). Initially he had his name slandered by those who had crossed paths with him but none of the witnesses seemed able to link him to the murder. However things took a cruel turn when his prostitute lover Shae (Sibel Kekilli) made a shock return and decided to testify against him. The heartbroken look on Tyrion’s face said it all as he finally snapped and unleashed a fury of insults towards those who had betrayed and ridiculed him before demanding a trial by combat. Dinklage’s magnificent performance in that scene was truly award-worthy thus proving that his work throughout the whole series deserved both Golden Globe and Emmy award success.


6# – Ned Stark’s execution

EPISODE: Baelor (Series 1, Episode 9)

Those of us who hadn’t read the Song of Ice and Fire books probably thought that leading character Ned Stark (Sean Bean) would become the hero of the show especially when discovering Joffrey’s secret parentage in the first series. Even after being arrested for treason and placed in a dungeon, we still thought that he would come out of it all unscathed. But author George.R.R Martin had other ideas for the penultimate episode as he set up the scenario of Ned having to grovel to Joffrey and the counsel in front of the public (as well as his daughters Sansa and Arya). Things seemed to be working well for the honourable lord as he pledged his loyalty to the young king with the initial punishment being exile to the Night’s Watch. But a cruel twist of fate saw the evil Joffrey deciding to punish Ned more violently by sentencing him to death much to the horror of his daughters. For the umpteenth time on screen, Bean was killed off, via a beheading with the shot quickly changing as his head was about to be cut off. Joffrey became a hated figure for many viewers though he would eventually get his just deserts later in the series. The unexpected death left fans of the show horrified unlike the smug book readers who already knew of his eventual fate. From then on, no Game of Thrones character was ever safe though Ned wouldn’t be the only Stark to suffer a grisly demise….


5# – Wildfire destroys the Great Sept of Baelor

EPISODE: The Winds of Winter (Series 6, Episode 10)

The incredible opening scenes of the landmark Series 6 finale “The Winds of Winter” left many of us jaw-dropped as Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) finally had her revenge on those who previously underestimated her in the past. With the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce), Margery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) and the rest of the Tyrell family all based inside the Great Sept of Baelor awaiting her trial, the cunning Queen Mother decided to “burn them all” quite literally by having wildfire placed underneath the Sept. Her cousin Lancel (Eugene Simon) made the unfortunate mistake of investigating and ended up being the first of many victims of the swift and ruthness attack that would wipe out most of Cersei’s enemies and give her the last laugh while she enjoyed a nice glass of wine. The build-up to this shocking sequence was masterfully edited by the production crew while full marks deservedly went to composer Ramin Djawadi for delivering another mesmerising score in the form of ‘Light of the Seven’. At the moment, Queen Cersei is the new ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, but her reign looks certain to be under threat in Series 7….


4# – Massacre at Hardome

EPISODE: Hardhome (Series 5, Episode 8)

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for Jon Snow and his comrades when they managed to convince a majority of Wildlings to leave their camp in Hardhome and head for the Wall. What happened next became something out of a terrifying horror film as they found themselves confronted by a large army of Wights who would launch a devastating attack on the settlement. Everything about this intense ending to the episode was groundbreaking from the uncomfortable silence before the first onslaught to Jon’s thrilling sword fight with one of the White Walkers. The sequence was that nerve-wracking to watch that we even find ourselves rooting for a previously-maligned character like Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) to come out alive! Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for likeable newcomer Karsi (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen) who ended up being struck down by a group of freaky Wight children. In the end, those who made it out alive retreated to the boats for which a horrified Jon would watch on as the Night’s King (Richard Brake) raised the Wildling victims from the dead in taunting fashion. A lot of kudos deservedly went to director Miguel Sapochnik and his dedicated production team for putting so much effort into capturing the horror of this epic and adrenaline-filled climax.


3# – Arya kills Walder Frey

EPISODE: The Winds of Winter (Series 6, Episode 10)

Into the Top 3, we have my favourite fist-pumping scene of the show in a moment that many fans had waited for since the end of Series 3. Despite only featuring in five episodes, the despicable Lord Walder Frey (played deviously by the brilliant David Bradley) had caused plenty of treachery during his time on the show not least when he orchestrated the devastating events of The Red Wedding that led to the deaths of Catelyn, Robb and Talisa Stark. But having already seen fellow Northern villain Ramsay Bolton suffer a brutal death in the previous episode, it was only fitting that Walder got his own comeuppance via another Stark child. While many fans were left frustrated by Arya (Maisie Williams) and her time in Braavos during Series 6, her shock appearance at the Twins all but proved that her training was worth it as she served revenge on the old git. As if feeding him his sons inside some pies wasn’t bad enough, she then proceeded to cut his throat in the same way that her mother was killed back in that devastating episode. The North most certainly remembered what you did Lord Walder and it was oh-so satisfying to watch!


2# – Oberyn Martell vs The Mountain

EPISODE: The Mountain and the Viper (Series 4, Episode 8)

Falling short of being my favourite moment of the entire series was a scene that left me breathless but also nursing a big ‘headache’ afterwards. Following his trial outburst, Tyrion made the bold decision to demand a fateful trial by combat but was left disappointed when his original choices Jamie and Bronn were unable to help him. Instead his champion ended up being the flamboyant Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) who agreed to fight for the Imp as he looked to avenge his family’s deaths at the hands of his brutal opponent, the Mountain (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson). During the breathtaking duel, Martell taunted the warrior with his spear and his bad-ass demands (“Raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!”) about confessing to his crime but failed to get much response other than some loud grunts. When the Dornish Prince finally knocked his rival to the ground and pierced him, it looked as though Tyrion would finally be saved from his ordeal. But in the world of Game of Thrones, nothing ever worked out well as Oberyn’s failure to finish off the Mountain resulted in one of television’s most gruesome deaths via a horrible head-crushing (full credit to the makeup department for the work on that head!). Ellaria Sand’s traumatised scream summed up the moment as poor Tyrion’s fate looked to be sealed. This tense scene was a real ‘eye-opener’ for those unfortunate enough to witness it but again, it showed how devious this great series could be in avoiding heroic cliches.


1# – The Red Wedding

EPISODE: The Rains of Castamere (Series 3, Episode 9)

In the end, the number one moment of Game of Thrones is also one of the most horrifying scenes in television history with not one, not two but THREE well-known characters being killed off in the climatic last five minutes of Series 3’s The Rains of Castamere. All seemed well at the wedding banquet hosted by the deceitful Lord Walder Frey (David Bradley in vile form) as Catelyn (Michelle Fairley), Robb (Richard Madden), pregnant Talisa (Oona Chaplin) and the Stark representatives celebrated the aftermath of the ceremony. However the mood would as the music switched to the eerie “Rains of Castamere” theme which led to Cat figuring out that something horrible was about to happen. Upon discovering that Stark bannerman Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) was wearing chained armour, Cat tried to warn her son about what was going on only for one of Frey’s sons to approach pretty Talisa from behind and stab her repeatedly in the stomach much to the complete horror of those of us watching at home. Archers then unleashed their arrows on Robb and his mother with several guards slaying the other Stark people while Lord Frey watched on. Poor Arya almost got caught up in the massacre but still endured the trauma of watching Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind get killed off. But it was the madness inside that devastated us most as Cat finally took a stand by grabbing Frey’s young wife with the intent of killing her unless he let Robb go. Unfortunately, the repulsive lord shot down the threat and had Robb finished off by Roose (“The Lannisters send their regards”) leading to her anguished cry of sorrow before she too was killed off. Huge credit must go to George R.R Martin and the show’s creators for changing the climatic tone of this episode from jubilant celebration to devastating heartbreak within the space of a few minutes. Kudos also to the likes of Michelle Fairley and David Bradley for their immaculate character portrayals throughout. Though Lord Walder FINALLY got his comeuppance in the Series 6 finale, this episode’s devastating ending will always be remembered by many of us which is why it remains my favourite moment….so far.


HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Ned fights Jamie (The Wolf and the Lion), Viserys Targaryen’s death (A Golden Crown), Daenery’s dragons are born (Fire and Blood), Theon executes Rodrick Cassel (A Man Without Honour), Tyrion rallies the troops (Blackwater), Jamie’s Kingslayer story to Brienne (Kissed by Fire), Mutiny at Craster’s Keep (And Now His Watch is Ended), Sam and Gilly are confronted by the White Walker (Second Sons), Arya and the Hound fight the Lannister soldiers (Two Swords), Jon fights Karl Tanner (First of His Name), Stannis’s army attack the Wildling camp (The Children), Brienne fights the Hound (The Children), Tyrion confronts Tywin (The Children), Daenerys and Tyrion finally meet (The Gift), Theon throws Myranda to her death (Mother’s Mercy), The Tower of Joy fight (Oathbreaker), Jon executes the Night’s Watch mutineers (Oathbreaker), The Hound returns (The Broken Man), “Promise me, Ned” (The Winds of Winter)

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