Bryan Singer confirms Hugh Jackman return for X-Men: Days of Future Past

While the X-Men franchise has been clouded by its strange continuity issues, director Bryan Singer has continued his actors reunion as he prepares to direct the upcoming prequel (and sequel) X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Having confirmed the return of Ian McKellen (Magneto) and Patrick Stewart (Professor Charles Xavier) for the film last month, Singer has announced on Twitter earlier today that lead star Hugh Jackman (Logan/Wolverine) will also appear.

“I would officially like to welcome @RealHughJackman to the cast of #Xmen Days of Future Past. Very excited! More to come…”

Jackman, who is set to reprise his role as Wolverine for the sixth time in upcoming spin-off The Wolverine, was involved in a humourous cameo in the previous instalment X-Men: First Class but looks set for more screen-time in Days of Future Past.

The film will focus on two different time-lines involving the key characters of Magneto and Xavier with Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence also returning as they reprise their roles from First Class. It is due for release on July 18th 2014.

In the meantime, X-Men fans can look forward to The Wolverine when it is released on July 25th 2013.

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